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The official .NET API for HL7 FHIR

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This is the support API for working with the DSTU version of HL7 FHIR on the Microsoft .NET (dotnet) platform. The API deals with the HTTP and wire format, so you can write code like this to manipulate a patient’s data:

var client = new FhirClient("");

var pat = client.Read<Patient>("Patient/1");


This library provides:

Getting Started

Get started by reading the online documentation or downloading the NuGet packages:

Spec version Core Specification
STU 3 (Baltimore)
DSTU 2.1* (Montreal)

** * The STU3 build is a connectathon build intended for use at the Sept 2016 Balitmore Connectathon. ** ** * Please note that the DSTU2.1 release was an interim build only intended for the May 2016 Montreal Connectathon, and is no longer maintained.** ** * Please note that the DSTU1 release is not maintained anymore.**


We actively monitor the issues coming in through the GitHub repository at You are welcome to register your bugs and feature suggestions there!

For broader discussions, there’s a “FHIR on .NET” Google group.

We are also members of the FHIR Implementers chat.


We are welcoming contributors!

If you want to participate in this project, we’re using Git Flow for our branch management, so new development is done on (feature branches from) /develop.

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